31 July 2008

A visitor and a wish list... ahhhhh

Well I have nothing crafty for you today... Why? Because I was too excited, waiting for this little visitor! Hey Nate! What's crackin'? This is my little nephew, he's too cute and I just want to squeeze him when he's around.
HUH? He's waiting for pancakes! Like... hellooooo where are my pancakes????
Yum, nothing like grape juice early i nthe morning... Yum, slurp.. yumm...
Unfortunately he's already gone, he's on his way to my old Army Stomping Grounds in AZ to visit his other Aunt and Uncle. Darn, I'll miss him, but I'll see him on Monday when he's driving through again! :)

Did you notice that first picture of him? The blurriness? The Un-focusedness? The picture that's screaming.. Focus!... Focus.... FOCUS!!!! haha... Well that's one of the many reasons that I have this on my wish list....
Below is what I have now, it's nice, it's easy, it's a point and shoot camera from Kodak and don't get me wrong it has went everywhere with me, it has it's own indention in my purse for it's home, but I would like to upgrade, I mean, really, really, really.... upgrade... to the Nikon D80..
Get my drift?
Oh yeah I got a question too.... or a request for recommendations rather.... Who/Where do you recommend I get a Monthly Scrapbooking Kit from. I've looked all over and I'm just not sure where to go... Help me out here!

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Lauren said...

I would love a Nikon too! I don't know of a great kit - good luck on your search!