23 June 2008

Monday blah! Oh and a Layout!

Mondays are already bad enough so why did I subject myself to starting off the work week with a dental appt???? There I was at 8 o'clock this morning, half asleep, running late and sitting in the dental chair getting my gums ripped apart by a lady that thought that I could reply to her constant conversation while she had a suction and pokey thing in my mouth??? Why do dental people do this, do they really expect us to reply to them, talk back, what???

Anywho, I started off my week bad with that, I should reschedule that next time! In other news, I cleaned all weekend, I completed went through every nook and cranny in my office/craft room. If you remember when I moved all my stuff back in the room, it 'looked' organized... Well I fooled you. Sorry but I did, I kind of crammed everything back in there and hid it all in the drawers and in baskets but really it was not organized. So I bought some organizing stuff and this weekend I actually organized, put pictures where they belonged, seperated all the paper packs, bought a paper tray organizer (forgot to take a picture--I'll have one tomorrow-Promise!) and got organized. And by golly does it do wonders! I am soooo pleased. And even more pleased that in the middle of all that organizing I got a page done. Yeah I know it's only ONE page but it's more than what I've been doing lately which is NOTHING! :) So here is the very first page actually to our FIRST family vacation. The vacation was in March of last year to San Diego.

You may be wondering... What is that picture on the left??? Well it was after my husband got out of the shower on the first day on our trip and the mirror was all steamed up and I wrote on it "1st Family Vacation - woohoo!" Yeah I know I'm a nerd but it's cute and I'll always remember it! The other picture is actually in Laughlin because we figured we would drive in too late to San Diego so we stayed the night in Laughlin.
Now that I think about it I should have wrote in this tag "In Laughling---going to San Diego" or something... this is a white little lie... it's okay, I'm sure everyone will understand. :)
And my 1st is cut from my Cricut of course (which I have named Jiminy by the way) and I thought it came out rather CUTE! :) whatcha think?


ScrapMomOf2 said...

I'm so jealous of your cleaning, because I'm so disorganized, and that needs to stop! It's on my list . . . at the top! I need to clean up my scrapping area BIG time!

I love your layout! Totally cute, and I love the Cricut letters! I think that mirror photo is fabulous!

tricki_nicki said...

Your scrapbook page is darling!

I agree with the dental thing, although it amazes me what they can understand!!