20 June 2008

I have nothing

I have nothing today... Nothing too exciting going on in my world. I am stuck at work with little to nothing to do all day, another 5 hours or so.... I blog surfed for the past two hours and didn't quite see anything to catch my eye this morning.

The only thing that I was remotely interested in, was the awesome blog candy that Emma is giving away on her blog. Lovely! Go take a look! She's completed a milestone and she felt like celebrating so Congrats Emma on your milestone!

I have nothing crafty for you today, I sat in my craft space lastnight until late and did nothing other than organize a few drawers and I'm still feeling unorganized in my space... ugh... Maybe I'll get some real crafty stuff done this weekend. I think I got some mojo!

I'm having a yard sale tomorrow! Yay, nothing like waking up at the crack of dawn to lug stuff out of the garage and sit in the 100 degree heat all day hoping that others will drop by and buy your junk! :) Gotta love yard sales! haha...
Talk to ya on Monday, have a great weekend.

1 comment:

the MomBabe said...

Nothing! In BlogLand? Outrageous!

If you want, I can direct you towards the blog Mecca....


and then we hang out at Plurk...

you'll be overwhelmed in T minus 2 seconds.