24 June 2008

2 Layouts Tuesday & lots of pics!

I am sooo on the ball, I keep up with this and I won't ever get sleep, I'll just scrap all night! No really I am on a ball with my pictures and organizing and everything, I'm so scrap happy... I do have to thank my Mom though because I had her locked in my office most of the weekend helping me, she's a great assistant though. Thanks!

So I have been looking online for layouts (12x12) that consist of more than one or two pictures, being that I have about 20,000 pictures I want to get these books done before I'm 100. So today I found a great site in which the author shares her layouts and people send in their versions of the layouts, so you get a great black and white layout then you get an idea of what it would look like with paper and pictures. So if you need a little inspiration to get started, I'm not mentioning any names.... (cough.... Theresa....cough...) then this is the place to get started. Creating Keepsakes is always a good place to go as well....

So I was up late lastnight, organizing the photos of our San Diego trip last year, I seperated them into days of the trip, I had it all planned out long before we went, I'm a planner, a full out, make a list, itinerary, stops, gas-ups, planner, don't be jealous... haha... Okay so maybe I have a little OCD but either way it was all planned out and I made changes as necessary and everyone loved it so it was a success in the end. Here are the two layouts I did last night and these are believe it or not the ONLY pictures I took on the way! Geesh, what was I thinking? Or maybe I was sleeping or reading... either way I probably wasn't thinking much. So here they are...
Why I don't know but I only have pictures of Nevaeh on the way, the other two were probably too grumpy for pictures! haha... so here she is with some mountain pics and actual journaling too! I added more cricut flowers and some white paint dots, I stamped "drive" and please don't ask what paper it is or who made it and where the stamps came from because I honestly don't know. While organizing this weekend I just took the papers out of all the packets and organized them by color... I know the paper is from a pack I got at Lakeside like I mentioned the other day. The stamps were from a $1 set at Hobby Lobby and that's about all I know.. This is the up close of the stamp and the flower, my Mikayla helped me layer the flower up and add the silver brad. Thanks Miki... I added white dots of puff paint. :)This is the mountain picture that's in the middle of the first layout, my mom said it looks fake... I can assure you it's not though... But isn't it beautiful?
This is the second layout... Oh the Sites. I had a few pictures of the mountains and this rock/mountain creation so I added them all to the same page.All the chipboard on this page I got at Michaels when they had a blowout sale, I got 3000 pieces for $8, can you believe???? The picture around the OH, I just cut this mountain picture into 3 pieces and kind of put them in order... The Site... The is from Cricut basic shapes but I'm not sure if I like it because it uses the H line for the E too... it looks a bit funky I think. In other news I finished the watercolor painting and got it delivered yesterday to it's new owner. I think she was pleased.I'm sorry the pictures aren't better but it was last minute taking the picture in the car before delivery, since I forgot to take a picture before I left my house! ugh... That's it for the up close shots and you won't see that picture anymore... darn!

In other news, I promised you pictures of my new organization. Here is the new paper organizer that I got on sale at Hobby Lobby, I love it and I reallyyyyy didn't expect to be able to fill it up. I really have more stuff than I thought I did.
I also managed to label most of these new drawers while I sorted and seperated everything too, you should see my paper cut fingers after this. Geesh!I also took the time to fill up all these photo frames, this is no easy task!
And last but not least I was bored during our uneventful, lousy, shopper-less, garage sale on Saturday... I had some of my Army uniforms for sale and I actually got to thinking and took them off the sale and created a backpack for my littlest peanut.This is one of the BDU pant pockets, they are rather large but they are perfect back-pack size for a 2-3 year old. This is the back, I made the straps and the loop out of the ties that go around the ankle.
So don't steal my idea! It's allllll mine... Pocket Backpacks!


ScrapMomOf2 said...

Love the layout, your painting, the organization, and wow, is the backpack cute, and I won't steal your idea!!

I have posted my space way back when. This was before I got my digital camera, so the photos aren't the best, but you can get the general idea. It hasn't changed much except for the fact that it's messier!!


shell said...

hiya liz, how organized are you my craft room is a total mess, can never find anything(promise to self must tidy it) anyway pop over to my blog you've been tagged.
shell x