11 June 2008


Okay first things first, I just wanted to say that the drawing for my giveaway will be postponed until Tuesday, June 17th. Which is good for you because you have longer to leave a comment and get entered to win! I am sorry to say that I've had a death in the family, which is the reason for postponing.

I am suprised that there is only ONE, yes I said ONE entry for the giveaway and it's an anonymous person so I guess we'll have to wait and see if there are more entries through the 17th. Maybe it's because the giveaway goodies have yet to revealed. All I have to say is that it will all come from Hobby Lobby! Scrapbooking and stamping goodies! I don't have a picture so you're out of luck and with all the running around and traveling for this funeral this is the last time I will be on the computer until the day of the drawing on the 17th so, sorry......

Enter to win, don't forget, all comments (1 per person please) until midnight on the 16th will be entered to win a prize pack from Hobby Lobby! :)

1 comment:

ScrapMomOf2 said...

Sorry to hear that there has been a death in your family. Take care Liz.