30 June 2008

My scrapping weekend.....

First off, sorry but I don't have pics of my new "do", I'll have them tomorrow, promise.. I was wayyyy too busy scrapping and taking pics of my scrapping to post here that I forgot to take some of me! haha... darn! So I did a ton of layouts and watched the girls playing in the water again so without further ado... here they are... I actually did them all on Sunday because Saturday I was just lazy! :)

I'm still doing Legoland layouts---I told you I take alot of pictures so you'll just have to deal with it! haha.. This was a simple one.. Loved the paper, and it had the pretty designs already so I didn't think I needed to add much.
A closeup of course... a tag with some chipboard on top and a cutout from another pretty paper...
I use my exacto knife alot, to cut out things like this from pretty paper that I don't want to cover by laying pictures on top... I added some bling and there ya go...
The heart was white but in order for it to match I added some gold and green glitter glue, my mom's idea.. She was really involved in some of the great ideas for these layouts yesterday. Thanks mom!
Here they are Roller Coastin', they went on a few Roller Coasters that day, Nev wasn't feeling too good so we hung out at the end and took pictures. Look at the girls' faces on these, they were so scared but as soon as they got off they wanted to go again! haha
A close up, I cut out the letters on the cricut of course.
There was a Volvo driving school there and Mikayla decided to give it a shot, she did well and she loved driving the little car. They each got driver's licenses too. :)
A close up of the raised legos I added.
There are huge lego letters that block off all the parking area all made of legos, 3 out of 5 of us had our initials in the parking lot, so we posed by them. Mikayla found an M as we were leaving the park, it was used to spell "welcome" as you drive into Legoland. So what did we do? We parked on the side of the road, flipped on the hazards and my husband ran her across the street for a picture with her M. My little Nevvy though, there was no "N" for.. sorry... So I just added a picture of her with her babies! Our initials spell out MADE so this made the title.. made 2 be happy! :)
A little close up of the chipboard and my cricut cutout of the 2....
I love the pictures on the bottom left corner.. you'll have to click it to see what I mean. This bucket is huge and there is water filtering in it constantly. It reaches a certain level and the whole thing dumps on the crowd below... It was hilarious!
This is my mom's idea... The title is Making a Splash and I was trying to figure out how to do the "splash" so my mom thought to cut one of the buckets from a cropped picture and put it above the tag. I used glittery paint to spell the splash and added even more glitter on top... it came out cute like the water is spilling the word.. :)

Another simple one but I loved the pictures and the redish paper I used... I added white dots and a stamped "smiles" to it.
Here's the stamped image and the chipboard fancy design.. Love it.
For this one it was all Alex, she loves these wall climbing things and there was one at Legoland. So here she went, up, up, and away! She was at the top and coming down already and you can see the other kid was barely making it up.. She was so happy she beat him! I cut some skyscrapers out of the certificate she got for climbing and the Skyscraper title, I would have added the certificate but it got wet and messed up on the way back from San Diego, I salvaged what I could though...
I added a little bracelet thing they got and chipboard, this was a simple layout... One of my favorites, it was a water battle... I cut out the waves in two different papers with an exacto knife, framed all the pictures... and added some letters for the pirates... ARRRGH!
This was a picture I took of the sign at the ride, I cut it out with the exacto knife and I love the way it came out!
The shart was another one I cut out with an exacto knife, I added it behind the water and it came out cute! This I think is my favorite layout so far... There was a fire engine competition. Four teams, all pumping the gears to get lego firetrucks up and down the track, on the other side they had to pump the hydrant to get pressure to put out the fire.. I loved it..
These are white foam letters (4 sheets for $1 at the Dollar Tree!) I colored them with markers so they looked like they were on fire. :)
Cut out the actual fire with an exacto knife free-hand and the words "that" and "out" were done on the cricut using the shadow technique.
I popped up some of the flames with some 3-d adhesive. :)

So there you go, that's what I did Sunday! I was locked in my room doing layouts and I loved it! :)

Other than Layouts though the girls played in the water again and posed for some pics! :)
Aren't they so cute! I just want to squeeze them!
Nevaeh has got the scooter thing down! She loves this thing!
She stopped to pose for a few pictures on her Princess lawn chair.
Mikayla is always posing, she see a camera and watch out... :)
You put your head in... you put your head out...
You put your leg in, you put your leg out..
Mikayla acting silly as usual! She was speaking to me and a weird voice with this pic.. :)
And the dogs... Romeo(black and white shitzu) and Amora(english bulldog) crazy dogs! Who knew that Amora with her 2 inch legs and 70 pound figure could jump a fence, not any fence, a concrete 3 foot wall! She's been jumping to the neighbor's back yard for 2 days now, we finally caught her in the action and now we have to raise the wall a few bricks! Crazy dog!

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