20 June 2008

Another one for today... additions for shopping.. :)

Because we alllll need another reason to go shopping, here are some other things that I found today. I frequently order scrapbook stuff from Lakeside and for those of you that don't know what it is, you need to go online and start shopping. I will be the first to say that some things may be cheapy looking or cheapy feeling but all the things I am recommending today I think are of top quality. Mainly these Scrap-pads. I was unsure of them looking at the catalog but they are well worth it and lovely! I would add the picture but the site doesn't allow me to so you'll have to click it.

Something else are these stamps, sooooo many of them, I ordered them today! I also have these stamps and they are great! I will be ordering these quote books soon too. :) I definately run out of words to say so these are great!

These next two I am not sure about but they are reasonable in price and they just might be worth trying, I don't have them (yet) so I can't fully recommend them but I will soon! :) The first is this multi-punching gadget and the other is this multi-cutter gadget sooooo it would be greatly appreciated if you already have one, to let me know how well or not well they work. Thanks and happy shopping! :)

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