25 June 2008

More good stuff...

Well I got NO scrapbooking done last night but I did organize some more pictures, I had them organized by event and seperate families but I re-organized them by year because I think I like that better... So my back aches from sitting there so long going through the same pictures over and over and trying to remember what year was what... So these are the new Picture Boxes I got over at Hobby Lobby for $2, they're all half off....
I love them because they are really sturdy and they fit perfectly in my new desk cabinets, I can open the door and see the tags without having to pull the whole darn thing out... Aren't they cute?

Here are a few other pictures of my re-organization that I've been talkign about. I love the plastic containers more than the baskets but I left a few baskets because they're cute.. :) The basket here has nothing but pens, markers and colored pencils and glittery pens too. The circle cutter is sitting on top of the 3 mini-drawers which hold, flowers and glitter on the top drawer, the second is glue strip things, and the third is glue sticks and dots. Over to the left in the purple one is the ribbons on top and paints and glitter on the bottom. In the big plastic container on the bottom are my Xacto knives, grommets, brads, wire and a few miscellaneous tiny things.

Here is the top shelf, which has another basket, holding all the chipboard letters and phrases I have, the bucket holds all my scissors and my Crop-a-dile 1, the box holds all my other ribbon and what's that on top of the box???? Why, that wasn't there a few days ago????? Why, dagummit it's Crop-a-dile 2!!!!! I picked it up yesterday from Hobby Lobby with my 40% off coupon and wait til you see what I'm picking up today that goes with it! I can't wait, actually I'm on my way over there right now, as soon as I finish up this post! YAY!

Okay, scrapping aside... my girls... I loves them to death! Yesterday the evening was mighty hot and so with the sprinklers on they asked to go through the water, I said ONE TIME... that ended up meaning, get soaking wet, drench yourself, do it over and over again until I have to get you new clothes and some towels and wring you out! :)

Okay the little one normallyyyyy doesn' t even like water in her face in the tub but lately, she can care less....It's hard to see in these pictures how SOAKING WET she is!
She had so much fun though and I think she was more concerned about copying everything her sister did than where the water was actually going... :) This one likes to egg on the other one... They both had so much fun though I couldn't stop them!
Oh how I miss being a kid again!


Lauren said...

You guys are having too much fun! Love it!

tricki_nicki said...

Do you do something crafty every night? You and my friend need to get together. I think I'd run out of things to do!

ScrapMomOf2 said...

GREAT sprinkler photos! What a scrapbooking moment!! So cute!