17 June 2008

Updates, updates and yes... more updates...

Okay so I know you want all the juicy stuff first... So here is what I received from Melessa.
She sent me this because I won her Pay it Forward blog candy... It was so fun watching my girls open it all up and they love the Dalmations! Thanks Melessa.

Next.... not many of you commented to win my blog candy, maybe it was because I didn't post a picture, or maybe it was because you don't like me :( Whatever the case you missed out! Here is what Shell will be getting from me! A storage box, some bug felt stickers, some cookout stickers, 4 sheets of flowery paper, 1 sheet of 3 sets of fuzzy white alphabet sticers, some flowery chipboard and some alphabet foam stamps! You hit the jackpot Shell! Congrats!Here's some more up close photos. 4 sheets of some funky flower paper... What's more summery than flowers??? :) Some white fuzzy alphabet stickers and some glittery flowery chipboards!
Top it off with some cookout themed stickers, yum, doesn't that hamburger look delish!?!
And last but not least some felt flower and bug stickers! :) YAY. I almost kept it all for myself!In other news... I promised you updates to my back yard project. This is the before....
This is part of alllll the sod we got... geesh!
Here is the almost finished project. We still have the planters to fill, we need to add some trees and some more gravel around the back wall! I love it though!
Grass... ahhh how nice and refreshing!
I also promised you more crafty pictures of what I've been doing the last few days... craft wise...

This was the father's day card I made my dad for Father's Day.... I forgot to take a picture of the inside! Darn... Sorry about that. It was cute though!

Below is the card I made for my husband, yeah I know he's not my dad but he's a damn good father and I think I should give him props for it! :)
This is the inside... cute? I think sooooo....
Even with everything happening in the family this week or so I still managed to somehow be crafty. It seems as though I ventured into several mediums of craftiness and unfortunately none of them had anything to do with scrapbooking.... darn! But this has a similar effect. I made 4 shadow boxes, I think they were 18x20 for my husband's mom, 2 uncles and grandmother in rememberance of his grandfather, a Navyman who served during WWII. God bless him.I developed some pictures that my husband was able to get a few weeks ago and I cut and burned around the edges, focusing in on his face, I added a wooden G for his his last name, added a bunch of Navy goodies and Ta-Da.... I loved them and I'm glad that the family liked them too.
This is a little more close up, I cut the flag image out of a patterned paper I had from the Navy packet I found at Hobby Lobby. Each of the 4 boxes had different crosses and different type frames, I insanely didn't get a picture of all of them! Ugh!
Another view showing the textures and the burned photos....
And below... yet another different type of project. A lady posted an ad for an artist to create a watercolor painting similar to the one that she got in Europe. This first picture is the picture that she got overseas.
This picture is what I have started, I have another good day or two and I should be done adding the little house, the details and touching up everything else. I will definately keep you posted and show the final product.
And of course I couldn't go through this whole looooong post without something on the girls. Here they are this morning after eating cereal, pretending to be mad because I have to go to work... darn.. Don't ask why she's shirtless.... If I let her she'd go everywhere without clothes, it's a miracle the little one has clothes on.. haha :)


Melessa said...

I'm glad everything arrived in one piece. I really wanted to enter your drawing, but I was pretty sure I wasn't supposed to so I abstained. I'm sorry I did too-lucky Shell! She got some good stuff.

ScrapMomOf2 said...

Great candy for Shell! Great projects by YOU! Awesome work! Your girls are so cute . . . love the "angry" faces!

I tagged you! If you feel like playing along, check out my blog! If you don't want to play, that's OK too! Have a great day!!

Lauren said...

My oh my! You have been busy! Lucky to receive such a generous PIF. Congrats on the new lawn too...looks great. So do all your recent projects.