06 June 2008

It's already Friday!

Holy Moly Cow it's already Friday.... I say that now but on Wednesday I was like... ugh. .it's only Wednesday...poor me.. haha. Okay so it's Friday and I have pictures! Amazing that I almost forgot to post my Sesame Street pics that I took last week. A week ago we took my girls and my nephew to see Sesame Street Live, ohhhhh how they loved it. My two oldest girls have seen the show before but my youngest and my nephew are Elmo Freaks so we just HAD to take them.
You know what's great about being a mother? Well, besides the fact that you're a... mother.. and that you have little humans that look like you... and it's great teaching them... but besides that being a mother is awesome because we get to relive our childhoods, we get to play around and go to stuff like this Sesame Street Shows and love it all over again! :) heehee...
So this was our attempt to take a picture of all my mom's grandchildren with the SS gang... As you can see Big Bird there is decapitated, it was either his head in the shot or a promotion for some cruise or something and I opted for his head to be chopped off. Sorry Big Bird! And well we lost Alex because she's holding Nate, he refused to just stand while we snapped a photo! Little Booger! Look at Nevaeh standing there calmly with her hands in front of her.... if only she was like that allllll the time. :)
Here's Bert and Ernie, opening the show with a few laughs! I love these guys, and by the way.... did you know that on the regularly programmed SS they had one of them die shortly after 9/11 to help kids cope with death and loss of a loved one? That is why I think SS is such a great learning show, they definately cover all their bases. Thanks SS!

The gang's all here, dancing away, look it's the Count, ah-ah-ah, and the number of the day was ONE! One, ah-ah-ah!
There's the fearless five figuring out how to save folks on SS. Don't you just love Super Grover?!?! I do!This was Elmo dancing up a storm in his super hero outfit! Nice shorts Elmo!
Here's Super Grover again, he had lost his "Superness" was the theme of the show and they had to do all the right things to get it back, like eat healthy, sleep well, exercise... great moral of the story!So I did manage to get Nevaeh to stand with one of the posters and take a pic... I love it!And here she is sporting her new Elmo shirt, which she refused to take off... Cookie Monster! C is for Cookie! haha... Yeah I know, I watched alot of SS in my day! Leave me alone! :) My nephew does a great impression of Cookie Monster too.. :) These guys sure are dancing machines! Go Elmo, Go Elmo, Go, Go, Go Elmo! :)This was it, the end of the show! Boo-hoo-hoo! This is when I was told that I wasn't supposed to be taking pictures and having my flash on during the show! OOPS!
This was a HUGE, I mean HUGE bundle of balloons and I took a close-up... and yes, a week later the girls' balloons like this are still floating around my house!
This was my kiss goodbye from my Nate, awwwwwww! I got to snuggle him for a whole week!And another kiss while in the bath! This guy is toooooo adorable!
And last but not least my Nevaeh, just chillin on her new princess Lawn Chair in my living room watching some Spongebob! :) Apparently they think these chairs were for INSIDE the house :) Have a great weekend...


Lauren said...

Super cute photos!

ScrapMomOf2 said...

Looks like a great show! I think my girls would have enjoyed it, and they're 10 and 12!! My oldest is a HUGE Elmo fan . . . her first Christmas was when the Tickle Me Elmos first came out, and my mother-in-law got her one. She was ten months old, and it's been Elmo ever since! She still loves him! I love, love, love the shirt your daughter is wearing!! Cute photos!