27 June 2008

Friday Finally!

Boy has it seemed like a looooong week! I've actually got alot done this week so I'm feeling okay... I even managed to do these last night, more layouts can you believe!?! I think I'm pretty satisfied with them, sometimes when I finish things I'm wondering whether I like them or not but I think I like these. :)This is "Almost There" we were still in Laughlin, enjoying the morning and getting ready to get back on the road to make it to San Diego....
The "almost" is foam adhesive letters and I just wrote in the "there" with a sharpie... I liked all the papers in this, it almost turned out allllll green but I thought to add in the brown and the pink to make it pop a little. I like the turnout!

The Road Trip sticker was a clear bubble sticker I got at Hobby Lobby last week for the sticker sale. :) Love it!
I added the pink flower with a large white center because I wanted to tame the pink a little. I love it!
Second layout, "first stop - legoland". Man did I love that place. I love intricate thinks like these lego creations. The lion is actually about as tall as my 9 year old and you'll see more pictures of it later, but it was entirely constructed of legos, just like everything else there.
The "first stop" are more stickers I got this week at HL for the sale, I added white dots of craft paint to them to make them jazzy.... I popped up the little legoland picture with some adhesive dots.
I'm not sure why I added the flower, being that it doesn't really go with the "legoland" theme but I like it anyway! :) I stapled and crimped and added a red grommet and inside the grommet added a small silver brad. :)
Here's the lion, I cut it out with scissors and an exacto knife. I love it! I added the Lego and the lego sign with a dot too so they were floating.
Here is the new home for the Big Guy... It came with 100 grommets and I got it 40% off with my online HL coupon. I'm going back today to get the "home" for my other crop-a-dile. :) it's pink!
It's so nice! The only thing I wish... is that the leg things were able to stay on it while it was in the case, because when I take it out I have to add the little legs on there so it's steady on the table... then take them off when I put it away... seems weird that they couldn't have compromised the container a 1/4 inch on each side for the legs... right? or is it me????

Well I think this will end my week. I'm going to get a haircut today so I'll have new pics on Monday of the new "do"... :)


Lauren said...

Fun layouts! The colors are great.

ScrapMomOf2 said...

Awesome layouts! I have the Big Bite, but not the case. I just leave the feet on and leave in on my desktop. I think taking them off and putting them back on all the time would aggravate me way too much!

ScrapMomOf2 said...

Uhm, hello! Where are the new "do" photos???