14 June 2008

Pay it forward - Free Stuff!

I am on for a bit.... miracle... but anywhooooo I'm quite suprised that there aren't more entries to my giveaway. Maybe it was because I didn't take a picture of the stuff or maybe it's because I don't have many readers but I was sure the word would be out that there was free stuff!!! haha.. Well I got about 6 entries so far so your chancing of winning are good! hah..

So you can either tell your friends about my giveaway or you can keep it hush so you have a better chance at winning! :)

Either way I hope you're having a great weekend, and on I'll have some pictures on Tuesday of some actual craftiness that took place despite everything that has been going on with my family. The drawing will be done first thing Tuesday morning about 9 a.m. Mountain time. good luck!

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