09 June 2008

Monday - Thursday Giveaway - Pay it Forward!!!!

First off I want to say Thank you to Ms. Swistle for doing her Pay it Forward Giveaway... Her blog led me to Ms. Melessa's blog and guess what!!!!????!!! I won!!! Woohoo. Thanks Melessa. She'll be sending me this......

I can't wait! My girls and I will love having a "movie day" with the Dalmations!

So this leads to MY giveaway, I'm not sure what I'm giving away yet but it will be good I can promise you that. The rules are simple, leave a comment today through Thursday (1 comment per person please) telling me what's your favorite thing about summer is, and add my link to one of your posts. I'll put all the numbers into the Random Number Generator and pick a winner on Friday morning, whoever is chosen will win the prize. They also have to Pay It Forward and do a giveaway themselves! :) This is so FUN!

In other news we did some late night shopping lastnight and my middle daughter, Mikayla, who's 6 got an iPod.... I know, I know, she's 6 and she got an iPod, don't judge me... She's been saving her money, a dollar here, some change there since last July and she managed to save $100. She was saving for this particular iPod and since she did great in school this year, straight A's and perfect attendance her dad and I decided to help pay for the rest, my dad even pitched in to finish buying it. Just our luck we went into Target and they were on sale, $30 off! So she was able to get some earphones that fit her tiny little ears as well! Then.... with the iPod purchase we got a $15 gift card, so we bought my youngest daughter some Sesame Street DVDs to help her with her ABC's, colors and shapes! I'll have pictures tomorrow of those as well as my revamped back yard!

Someday I also plan on actually getting crafty and doing some more layouts, I am extremely behind on doing any scrapbooking or anything crafty for that matter. But I'm also working on a watercolor painting that I got hired for, so there will be pictures of that coming soon too. So be sure to leave a comment to enter for the blog candy! I'll be posting the winner before noon on Friday, June 13th. Good luck!


Anonymous said...

I guess my favorite thing about summer is sitting in my back yard, reading a book and drinking a nice cold glass of iced tea. You can't get any more relaxed than that.

ScrapMomOf2 said...

I've done the PIF before, so please don't enter me for the drawing . . . However, enjoy your goodies when you get them! A movie night is the BEST! I love Disney movies!

My favorite thing about the summer is definitely having my girls home all summer long! I also love when we get to have an evening fire in our backyard firepit! It's always so much fun.

Judy said...

I'd have to say my favorite thing about summer is daylight savings time. I love that it stays light much later in the day.

shell said...

hiya liz. my fav thing about summer is the weather. i love sitting in my garden with a load of stamped images and my pens colouring them all in in the sunshine. thanks for doing this giveaway. fingers crossed i'm a winner. loving the bolg by the way.
shell x

cpullum said...

Summer is the heat and the beach!!! Love the beach and also a stop at Disneyland is sweet!