19 June 2008

Early post today!

I usually post later in the day but I guess I'm bored and so here I am before 10 a.m.! So here goes.... This is for you Carol because I tempted you with the Hobby Lobby sale on Paper Studio 3-d embellishments being 50% off.... :) I thought I would mention it again, oh yeah... and the sale is through Saturday--NO LIMIT! :) But you have to take the online coupon! So this is what I got.

Some Bling! YAY! I only had one measley packet of these at home so I thought it was high time to stock up on a few. :)
These chipboards are sooooo cute! I love them and they will definately work well with my wedding book! The magazines are outdated of course but they were on sale at my local scrap store so I bought them yesterday for lunch. :)
This is something I was in dire need of, mainly for paper to seperate the solids and patterns, etc. but now I'm thinking I might just have enough stickers to put in here instead so I may be headed back to Hobby Lobby for another one.. :)
These two glitter containers I also got at my local craft store, cute and only a $1.
These are travel stickers that I got with the Hobby Lobby sale, the two on the left are travel, these will work well with my honeymoon book (that I have yet to start!) and the one on the right is also honeymoonish/weddingish....
This is an up close of the stamp bubble stickers! I love them!
These are the paper pop up stickers that were in the middle of the top picture. :)
More bubble stickers, see-thru too! I love these as well, the one on the left is random words and sayings, the middle is wedding related and the right is travel stuff.
This is an up close of that one too! And below is the update to the watercolor painting I'm doing for someone. Looks pretty good eh? I have to get it framed and then it's off to deliver!
Okay just a random note... I post on here about this and that and all the stuff I buy and I have yet to put up more scrapbook layouts... Why, you ask??? Maybe it's procrastination, maybe it's because I literally have THOUSANDS of pictures... I mean really, literally... THOUSANDS. When regular people go to develop pictures it's a roll or two (back in the day) or it's about 50 pictures I'm thinking.... Me, I'm not regular obviously, I develop a couple hundred or thousand at a time, every couple months, okay maybe every 6 months... hummm... But right now I have 2346 pictures in my camera that need developing. BUT, it's going to cost a couple hundred dollars... so I procrastinate, but I need to just get them developed and then make it a point to develop on the 1st of every month, this would eleviate the thousands at a time.

The other problem is... I can't get rid of my little SD cards, I can't get myself to erase all the pictures once they're developed. My thoughts are that what if I need a picture on there later, or what if I get them on CD and then CD's are obsolete in a few years, or what if I lose the CD or if the pictures are ruined then I have nothing to fall back on. Yes I know I'm strange but I love my pictures and I love my memories... Is there something called Picture-holics Anonymous? haha... If you don't believe me, ask my family.. they think I'm crazy too!


ScrapMomOf2 said...

Awesome goodies! It's very cool that you were able to get so many wedding and travel items.

The whole digital world is very new to me . . . I was strictly 35 mm film until a short time ago. I have developed photos through SnapFish, but I don't do too many at once. I probably will have to get into a routine of when I send them to get developed too. Once a month doesn't sound like a bad plan.

The painting looks fantastic! You're quite an artist!!

Lauren said...

Your watercolor painting is so cool! Wonderful.

the MomBabe said...

But where do you keep all that stuff? I have one cupboard in my house... I need a whole room.

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Hi, Liz! Thanks for dropping by.

Wow....I thought I had a lot of pictures, but you definitely take the cake! I completely understand your phobia of losing your pictures...it ranks right up there for me as well!

Have a great weekend!