07 October 2010

Still making lists.. still not finishing them...

It's ridiculous all the lists I make and then remake and forget and rewrite and nothing seems to ever get done. I won't repost "the List" because frankly... I'm sick of the list and all the pressure! haha.. Okay. So I might go back and see what actually got done on the list and one thing I know is that the flowers on my daughters wall still are NOT done, I started, put some up, ran out of flowers and had to cut and curl more. I finally did that but they are going up tonight! No if, ands or buts about it, I will get them done after work today. Why? Because my sister is coming into town and I'd rather not let her see it half done! Pressure! I work well under pressure! :)

For now though.. here is s sneak peak of the Cherry Blossom Tree wall.

The picture isn't the brightest (from my phone) but the complete pictures will be better... The tree trunk park is all painted onto the wall, flowers are all paper (4 colors), curled the ends with a pencil so they were more 3-D and added the marbles for the centers, everything hot glued to the wall :)

I'm sure my husband will kill me if we have to redecorate this room and take the flowers off. Oh well!


Sasha Holloway said...

holy moly .. GIRL how have you been doing?? So good to hear from you sweetness.. NOW that is a very innovative project .. I am not that bold and I cannot wait to see you finish this .. Ima need you NOT to take those flowers OFF lol

ScrapMomOf2 said...

Oh my goodness, that is gorgeous!! Post another pic when it's all done! Awesome idea! Can I ask a weird question? How will you dust that?

Liz said...

Hey Sasha! I know I lost touch! I've been on and off this blog with no time to do much on here.

Thanks Carol! It's done but I need to take pics and get them uploaded. I have no idea how I will dust them, wait... I don't know how my husband will dust them! LOL.. I don't do dusting! haha