20 July 2010

Going to sew something....

I figure I will need more than a few hours to do the flowers on my little girls wall, so I'm going to wait to do that for the weekend. In the meantime, I have only a few hours at home that I'm not sleeping, because my schedule is TIGHT!
Wake up, shower, get ready, make lunches, go to work, work all day, pick up the girls, go home, make dinner, get them ready for swim class, go to swim class, get back, bathe the children, put them to bed..... thennnn this is the part where I decide if I want to flop on the couch and watch the TV, read, get on the computer or work out (work out never, ever, ever, ever wins - but I still contemplate it).
So this is the little bit of time I will take this week, today or maybe tomorrow to create some tutu's for my little one. You see, she's in ballet and she's almost the only one in class that doesn't have a flurry little tutu, so she asked me for one finally. I got the tulle on sale at Hobby Lobby for .77 cents a yard, got a yard of every color and we'll see what I make!

My inspiration for the ones I'm about to make are these from Tiara's Boutique

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