09 July 2010

July July... oh how you are about to pass me by...

Hey that rhymed... :)
Okay so I'm working on my list.. yeah you remember, the list... in case you forgot here it is:

1) Complete all processing of photos
a. family shoot
b. sorority pics
c. vacation
d. wedding
e. swimming pics
f. lake pics - 4th of July - I know they're coming
2) Plan our next cruise
3) Start Christmas shopping - I know it's early but I plan to be done by Thanksgiving with EVERYONE!
4) Finish decorating the girls rooms
a. picture frames - need to sand and paint and add photos, hang
b. refurbish some free light fixtures we got
c. complete some wall art for all 3 rooms
5) Clean out all the girls old clothes and hopefully have a yard sale
6) Get shelves in my craft/business closet done and organized
7) I think the list ends here but I'm not sure because my brain has stopped....

Sooooo let's see... have I got ANYTHING done??? that would be a negative... a... big... fat... NEGATIVE.
Wait! After going through the list again it seems as though I have one thing I can mark off! That would be 1d... Wow... But to sound a little better I'm working on 1a and 1b right now, well in between writing this post and transferring all my photos to a NEW external hard drive. Apparently the one I had went crazy because I failed to turn it off when I was done. So it ended up overheating and killing it. The diagnostics went all whacked and I was stressing out, but I was happy that I was able to retrieve all my 14,000 pictures that were on it. Otherwise someone may have died... yes... died...

Anywho... Looks like I better keep working on my list cause it looks like it's gonna be a slooooow success!

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