01 July 2010

I missed June by ONE stinkin' day!

Darn! I was at least trying to update this baby every month but as I sat at my computer and look to the right at my calendar I noticed that June had passed me by. It didn't even leave a note, a sticky, message, nothing... so sad....
Anywho... I'm here in JULY! I have soooo much planned I'm not even sure I can remember to list it all down. My to do in July is as follows..stay with me now... the list may be more than you or I can handle...

1) Complete all processing of photos
a. family shoot
b. sorority pics
c. vacation
d. wedding
e. swimming pics
f. lake pics - 4th of July - I know they're coming
2) Plan our next cruise
3) Start Christmas shopping - I know it's early but I plan to be done by Thanksgiving with EVERYONE!
4) Finish decorating the girls rooms
a. picture frames - need to sand and paint and add photos, hang
b. refurbish some free light fixtures we got
c. complete some wall art for all 3 rooms
5) Clean out all the girls old clothes and hopefully have a yard sale
6) Get shelves in my craft/business closet done and organized
7) I think the list ends here but I'm not sure because my brain has stopped....

On top of all that I hope to get myself moving in the gym and losing about 30 pounds before my big 3-0 Birthday in October!

So Happy July everyone and I hope to update this more and more throughout the month, I hope to have some updates on the list and post some completed projects... wish me luck!

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