25 May 2010

Monthly updates...

Well it seems as though I'm down to a monthly update... sad, I know but really, I just can't get back in my groove of this blogging thing. I loved to Blog, I like adding the pics and giving you updates, and now... nada..

So my monthly update is that I'm so busy it's a miracle I have time to eat, breath and sleep... It's been a crazy MAY! Started off with my husband's birthday, mother's day, brother's birthday, then it led into pictures, family pictures, baby pictures, and planning a major wedding for the end of the month.... Then started the hospital visits of both my sister and my grandmother in law. They both ended up hospitalized, thankfully it was local here but it was a rough few weeks and they are both in the clear now. Thank goodness!

So this week is still more prepping for this weekends wedding. What's more is that I'm IN the wedding! Usually I plan, I take pictures and leave quietly through the back door... Not so much this weekend. I'm planning, coordinating, doing flowers, favors, I did invitations, save the dates, RSVPs, wedding programs, etc. and I'm in it. So are all the girls, so it's going to be a crazy Thursday, Friday Saturday, bachelorette party/dinner, rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, flowers, flowers, flowers and then getting me and the girls ready for Saturday! Wish me luck! Lord knows I need it! :)

Other than that I am STILLLL working on my website, I seem to have NO time to finish up all the photo updates and verbage, and pricing. Hopefully after I finish this wedding, go and come from vacation I can work on it until it's complete! I HOPE!

So until next month.. :) well wishes!

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