20 October 2010


Can you hear the excitement? I only say it with caps and exclamation points because I'm THAT excited. Why you ask? Maybe because I've only bugged about them for ohhh sayyyy 1 year!! They are nothing fancy by no means... They are simple... They are dark... They are Martha Stewart and I love them!
You see... You may remember my closet, my under the stairs, should have been a coat closet, closet. I don't think I should have to waste an entire closet space just for closets. So it evolved, it was a Toy Closet/Room for about 4 years. My daughters loved it, it held all their favorite, most used and most loved toys.... until..... the toy closet ended up consuming my entire downstairs and I couldn't take it anymore. I moved the toys upstairs to another extra closet and claimed the stair closet as MINE!

I will have before and after pics for sure! I intend on using this closet as my "fabric" room! I can't stand the excitement really! I'm sooooo happy... So these were some of my manyyyy inspirations, and although I know I will not be able to turn my "closet" into one of these.. I can pretend, and oogle over these ones!

I love all the colors on both of these! Mine won't be nearly as colorful but I hope for it to be just as organized! Thanks to Patty Young over at ModKid for the above inspiration, she is awesome!
I want to color coordinate all the fabric folded in it's cubbies just like this. Thanks to Jenny from All Sorts for the above inspiration. She is amazing! I really can't wait!

I also want to look for a spool holder like the one above that was featured at Craftzine back in 2007. If I can't find one affordable I'm definately going to try to make one! Wish me luck!

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