25 October 2010

The treeeee... at last!

It's been a long time coming, but can you believe.... I finally took pictures and uploaded them of the "tree" on my daughter's wall? It only took a few months but here it is finally! To jog your memory, this was the inspiration:

I knew that I wanted something similar and by no means was I going to buy a decal to put up because I figured I could do it myself. :) So this is what I came up with... and my daughter loves it, so that's all that matters.

It's not nearly as full but I really didn't want to "clutter" the space too much. I mostly just wanted the effect, which I got and I'm happy with.
As you can see, it goes all the way to the baseboards but you can't really tell because it's partially hidden with the nightstand, which is okay because I thought I was a bit dull anyway.
This is a bit more up close. You can see a little more details to the flowers. The tree trunk and branches were all hand painted on with regular wall paint. The flowers were a bit more tricky. I cut out the flowers with my cricut and rolled the edges with a pencil to make them 3 dimensional.
The center of the flowers are the flat sided marbles, I really don't even know the purpose of those other than I've seen people make magnets out of them and I've seen them in goldfish bowls. Who knows?!?
I spread out the flowers throughout the wall and slightly onto the next wall, to give the effect that they are being blown off the branches. My daughter loves this!
Here you can really see the 3-D look of it. Everything was hot glued onto the wall and I love it. I don't think we'll be redecorating this room soon so it's there to stay for a while! :)
I'll be back to show you the next ongoing project in my house soon! All to save a few bucks!

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