26 October 2010

Orange and black and more ORANGE!

It's Halloween time again! I pretty much failed on the decorations department this year. I think it just creeped up on me and I lost track of time and I'm SUPER busy so not many decorations at all! One thing that we ALWAYS do though, is pumpkin carving. This was our go at it!

No guts no glory..... she took those guts out and enjoyed it!
Alex is becoming a perfectionist, she loves to draw and her design is awesome as always!

Although Mikayla loves everything creepy she stuck to the kinder, gentler theme of Halloween for her pumpkin this year, a wizard!
They all concentrated hard, figured out their design and go to work! It's always fun to see what they come up with. I love it.
Nevaeh had fun like always. I still have to do my pumpkin so I did some googling today to get some ideas and I think I'm ready to start... now to find the time!

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