27 July 2009

A weekend ful of birthdays!

Geesh! How I cherish sitting on the couch and doing nothing! But... I can't remember the last time I had a full day of NOTHING! Saturday had a birthday pool party for the little ones to go to and another one on Sunday. So besides running around buying presents and packing, washing and repacking swimsuits and towels my weekend was full and over rather quickly...

I must say that First birthdays are a joy to go to, you know it's going to end up with a baby face covered in cake and frosting.. so Happy 1st Birthday Ava! She is too cute! My daughters got to do a lot of swimming so that ended up with a few good nights of sleep for them and they hated waking up this morning.. Sorry girls!
This picture is my favorite for the weekend... :) Nevaeh finally had enough of my pictures and was yelling, stop taking pictures of ME! So I took a picture!
Mikayla is trying to smile and show off her lost tooth all at the same time, it's almost working for her.. haha :)

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