25 July 2009

It was a great wedding...

I have been so busy lately that I completely forgot about blogging. It would help sooo much more if blogge wasn't blocked from my work computer :) but it is.. so I'm left to blog every other week or whenever I remember. I tried to do it every Friday but apparently my Fridays are more full than I thought. I haven't had much time to craft, but that's because I've been busy doing a wedding... Doing, as in I did all the flowers, bouquets, buttonierres, centerpieces, invitations, favors, decorations, and photography all day. So yeah, I've been uber busy with this and I love it. I really enjoy weddings so I hope that I can be very successful at it. :)

My company is Made By Liz, this part of the company includes anything and everything wedding related. My photography is elizabeth poe photography and I'm working on a website and an Etsy site so when they're done, you all will be the first to know.. or one of the first to know. As for now I'm pretty busy just by word of mouth and considering I still have my full time job I'm more than busy enough. :)

So I thought I'd share my favorite pic.. so far from this last weekends wedding. I am sure that I will have tons more favorites since I still have about 600 photos to go through so this one is my favorite soooo far. :) Hope you like it.

She was a beautiful bride and I loved helping her for her big day! You can see the bouquet I did for her too... Can you believe it's 3 dozen roses??? haha

I'll be back later, until then.. happy crafting... happy photography... just be happy.. :)

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