12 January 2009

My girl... she has the biggest Heart ever!

I've introduced you to Mikayla, my middle daughter quite some time ago, I hate to brag but this girl has a heart of gold. She has an imagination that soars, a mind that doesn't stop learning and a heart that not even her mother can learn from. Mikayla has NEVER had a haircut in all her six years of life, I have been afraid, her hair is long and I was scared of the outcome. Her, on the other hand decided about a year ago that she wanted to cut off all her hair and donate it to Locks of Love where they make wigs for children with medical problems that are in need of hair pieces. It is a great organization and I'm glad my daughter participated in helping others.

So this is her before shot.... :)

Even though she didn't want to admit it, I think she was a bit nervous, that's why she's biting the lip.. haha :)

Here she is getting it all brushed out, something that is(was) always time consuming and hard on her scalp, being that her hair was so thin it often got tangles upon tangles. She was looking forward to not going through that anymore. :)

Here's the ponytail, Locks of Love need a minimum of 11 inches of hair in order to be able to use it on a wig. She had more than enough!

And the cutting began......

And continued, and I think she cut about 14 inches overall.

Right after it's cut off, right about this time I'm crying.... :(

The ponytail is off and Mikayla's checking it out.

Now it's time to style....

I know... she looks a little scared but she was laughing at me for crying, she was more than enthused! :) And the RESULTS below!

CUTE! I love it and she loves it and I'm sure some other little girl will love it! Thanks Locks of Love for having such a great organization!


Theresa B said...

What a super kid. Good for you Mikayla!

ScrapMomOf2 said...

Oh my goodness! Mikayla . . . YOU ROCK! Way to go sweetheart! What an amazing thing that you did for someone else! You are one incredible girl! I think you look GORGEOUS with your new hair cut. It's very sassy and stylish!

Lena said...

Isn't she a Q-T-Pie!! I love her new hair cut!! I was sad to see her hair go too, but it went to a great cause. Where are the blanket pics Liz? Slacking? LOL just gotta give you a hard time. ;)

Lauren said...

WOW! She is a trooper.

Nancy Face said...

What a sweetheart! You must be so proud of her! :)

She looks great! :)

Lauren said...

She is so brave and sweet! I could never do it. She looks so cute!

martha said...

Emily just shared this site with me and told me about this wonderful gift that Mikayla gave - we can all learn a lesson from her: and a little child shall lead them - love to you - Martha