30 January 2008

So this is the beginning.....

The beginning of a wonderful blog.... or so I hope anyway. I have been contemplating this blog for some time now but never got the nerve to start one up. I am to say the least self-concious, about everything I write. Anyhow, I won't get into that, I am here and I'm here to stay. This blog is an attempt to make myself the craftiest person I know. I love art in all forms, I draw, paint, and love to take pictures. My new love is scrapbooking, which by the way I haven't even started yet! :) I buy things every once in a while when they're on sale (because I'm frugal), and I have a collection of things in my home office just waiting to get put together. My most recent purchase was the Cricut and I love it, but I still have yet to actually use anything that I've cut out.

So with all the help from readers and searching the web, I hope to "borrow" some scrapbooking ideas and become a scrapbooking legend!

One thing you'll learn about me is that I can make an excuse for ANYTHING! I am a procrastinator in every sense of the word. If I have an hour until a deadline, I will wait until the 50th minute to start it and I will be done on the 60th minute, because I work well under pressure........ but if I do this with scrapbooking it will never work out and not one measley scrapbook will ever come out of my office/craft area, instead I will wait until I'm 99 years old and barely able to pick up a picture out of my box and then I'll start. Maybe I'll be done before I'm 100. :)

You would think that since I was in the Army that I would be disciplined, motivated, ready to work all hours of the night to do this, but I'm not. The Army changed my life in every way but after I got out I reverted to my old ways, why? Because I can!

Another thing, I have 3 kids, all girls, ages 8 (soon to be 9), 5 (soon to be 6) and a 2 year old. They all do extracurricular activities and leave me with little time to rest or breathe. So where will I find time to be the crafty person I long to be???? Heaven only knows! I need motivation, lots and lots of motivation.

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