08 February 2010

Really absent

Sorry for being so absent here but life has taken over and I have been overwhelmed! I will get this up again, I just don't know when... As for now, I have been crafty, crafty in my photography and wedding business that is. I did manage to get a few blankets done for a set of twins, so here they are!
I found the fleece on sale for half off so these blankets were a bargain. I got them both done in a day so it wasn't bad. I cut ribbon to match the backing and sewed it through the blankets and then tied them in a knot.

I sewed the monograms first with the sewing machine and then again by hand. They weren't dark enough with the machine because the thread really sunk in the fabric tight. I printed large letters on the computer and then sewed through the paper. Once it was done I tore off the paper and ta-da, awesome monogram letter!
The parents loved the blankets and I hope the boys will love to snuggle with them! :)

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Delia said...

What a beautiful idea! It looks really cool and you didn't have to invest in an expensive embroidery machine!