06 March 2009

Has it been a month already???

I have neglected you my poor blog, my bloggy friends, my internets! I'm sorry.... I can't believe it's been a month since I posted anything, I would like to say I've been way crafty in that month and bombard you with all these new pictures of crafty stuff... but guess what!?! I haven't done much... booooo I know, I know. I'm ashamed too. I did do a Valentine's card for my husband that I never posted. So here it is. :)
Cosmo papers of course, this was part of the set that I won last year and I love them! I used the large X and O of course, I think the greenish hue broke up the reds and organges so it wasnt so bright and girly. It's still girly but I loved it. I did a torn piece of the same stripe paper, alternate side and added it to the bottom. Used some wavy scissors to cut around one of the hearts and popped it up with a lift sticker and ta-da....

For the inside I used one of the word strips and cut it into a few pieces to add my statement. I also cut a strip of the love birds and centered them so they bent in the center of the card. It's too cute! And below I don't think I ever showed you the awesome Christmas card that my daughter Mikayla made for her teacher in December. :) I know I'm extremely late!

She picked all the papers herself and decided how they would be decorated and put together. She had me cut out the snowman with an Xacto from an old card that was in my stash, added a red square for some pop, used the threading waterpunch for one side and picked out some green buttons to top off the flower and add some spark.

She found a little plastic rose in my button jar and used that under the sentiment. She wrote the Merry Christmas in white pen and ran out of room ma little but that's alright :)

Her teacher loved it of course and I thought it was fantastic! She is really creative and does her own little scrapbook journals that I love and I'll have to get permission to share those because they are a bit more personal. :)

I really hope to get back to posting every day or at least every other day! I will I promise.

Things here are crazy as usual, working, the girls, the husband and dealing with this darn economy! I'm changing work hours soon so I will have an extra day off in the week to hang out with my girls. I love it! It will be OUR craft day! I can't wait... :)

Lent? Anyone? I'm doing pretty good actually, I challenged myself to give up Soda, Chocolate, Iced Tea and Meat! I haven't slipped yet and I don't intend to. I have to give props to my husband too, he gave up MILK! If anyone knows him you'll know it's a great feat for him to give up milk for so long. Lets just say that he drinks so much of it that we should own a cow! :)

That's all for now, I'll post soon, promise! Until then Happy Crafting!


ScrapMomOf2 said...

Oh my . . . does giving up meat include chicken? Or just red meat? I could NEVER give up meat for 40 days. No way. I really don't give up anything. I stopped drinking soda, and I'm just continuing with that. I drank diet soda anyway, but I still gave it up. I drink coffee in the morning and ice water the rest of the day. CUTE card for your hubby! The card your daughter made for her teacher is great too! It was good to hear from you! Take care!!

Lauren said...

Very cute cards!!!

tricki_nicki said...

I haven't been here in SO long! When my husband wiped our computer all my feeds got lost. So glad to have stumbled onto you again!

I've been trying to give up negative thoughts and words. TRYING! It's harder than it seems!